10 Commandments Scripture Pen®

10 Commandments Scripture Pen®

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"10 Commandments" Scripture Pens® provide a unique way to share God's commandments! Shows 4 inspiring messages that rotate with every click of the pen:
Message 1: Thou shalt not: (1) Have any other Gods before me, (2) Have any graven image, (3) Take the Lord's name in vain,
Message 2: Thou shalt: (4) Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy, (5) Honor thy father and thy mother,
Message 3: Thou shalt not: (6) Kill, (7)Commit adultery, (8) Steal,
Message 4: Thou shalt not: (9)Bear false witness, nor (10) Covet thy neighbor's possessions.
Great for keepsakes and party favors! Please view the actual rotating pen image above. (Pen is 1mm ballpoint, retractable pen with black ink.)
Item # 030-SM