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At The Greeting Pen Company, we strive to offer uplifting products for everyday use. While a greeting card is read once then thrown away, our Greeting Pens can be enjoyed and used repeatedly!

Greeting Pens® are available with 4 standard rotating messages or you can create your own Personalized Greeting Pen® with 4 rotating messages you write! Personalized Pens are affordable, wonderfully unique keepsakes and party favors for any special event: Weddings, Anniversary Parties, Birth Announcements, Graduations, Church Celebrations, Judaica celebrations, Quinceañeras, Military events, and so much more!

If you prefer total customization, we offer Custom Greeting Pens® that use all your artwork and color choices plus the 4 rotating messages you create. Custom Pens are a perfect way to promote your business or any organization.

In addition to our flagship product, the Rotating Message Pen, we have developed several new items, including Comfort Feel Pens, Translucent Pens, Notebooks, Light Up Pens, and more! There's a pen for everyone, for every occasion!

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