Little Man Pen

Little Man Pen

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"Little Man Green Camo" Baby Pen® provides a useful and unique way to celebrate baby boys! These pens are special, practical keepsakes - also perfect for Baby Shower gifts and party favors! Pen features 4 messages that rotate with every click of the pen:
Message 1: Our Sweet Little Man has made
Message 2: the grand entrance into our lives!
Message 3: We celebrate with great love!
Message 4: the joyful arrival of our son!

Click here to personalize this pen with 4 rotating messages you write! These are also used for little boy birthday pens (not just babies!) Great for party favors and celebration keepsakes! Please view the actual rotating pen image above. (Pen is 1mm ballpoint, retractable pen with black ink.) 

Item # P-BP-29-SM